What I bring to a team…

I see a goal, and immediately start breaking it down into achievable action items.
I know when to utilize brevity to save time, and when elaboration proves necessary for better comprehension.

When I join a team, I focus on how the dynamics of each person relating to one another can be best aligned for optimal success, both as a group and as individuals.

Bring me onboard and I will provide clarity, guidance, agile flexibility, and strategies for amplifying people’s inherent strengths in the workforce. I have demonstrated consistent success in leading teams to achieve above and beyond the expected. From Jimmy John’s to Oregon Sports News, managerial work has prepared me to adapt to changing circumstances, to answer adversity with unique innovation, and to both lead and collaborate in a team context to accomplish goals through creativity.

Speaking of creative skills, my professional interest centers on working within an environment that allows for innovation, preferably within an athletics context. I thoroughly enjoy cultivating talent and accomplishing a variety of end-goals and projects, as evidenced by my time at the Oregon School Activities Association, where I spearheaded and facilitated significant projects such as data governance and information audits. Furthermore, I adeptly respond to rapidly shifting environments. My time at the OSAA exemplifies my ability to switch gears and wear multiple hats with my social media management and other public-facing correspondence. On numerous occasions, I also managed creative content projects for Oregon Sports News, drafting creative pieces and working within a limited time frame to execute deliverables. My strengths revolved around my ability to allocate small, manageable tasks to those best equipped to perform them.

I have built upon a solid platform of skills that lend themselves critically relevant to any group. Let’s schedule a time for me to explain how I can utilize these skills to streamline processes and create new opportunities to benefit your team.

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