Graphic Design & Video

2021 Photo Editing with Photoshop/GIMP

I used GIMP 2.10.22 to isolate the foreground, snip myself from the photo, and blur/sharpen to refine the edges some.

LavaCon 2019 Review Deck (Wilshire Law Firm)

Following my attendance of the LavaCon 2019 Content Strategy Conference in Portland, Oregon, I created a unique deck highlighting all key takeaways of the conference and how these could be applied to the company’s marketing efforts. To view the full deck as a PDF, click here.

Indeed Page Redesign (Wilshire Law Firm)

Previously barren, I completely revitalized and revamped the company’s Indeed page with all new language and photos, along with periodically updating the page with news and other posts. To view the entire page, click here. You can view a snippet below from Wilshire Law Firm’s About section on Indeed.

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Shell pieces for print at Pamplin Media